I have now learned that when my instincts speak, I listen... I wish I had learned to do this sooner.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Buried Treasure

 Sometimes life plays her music loudly, she thunders and roars and there is no ignoring her.

She pushes and pulls, leading you in directions that had never crossed your mind. She is going too fast and you fall in over your head, soaked in freezing snowmelt... the river incontrolable, unleashed in her power,  raging in the torrents of our earth’s arteries.
Eyes closed, you grab a branch, heap yourself up from sliding frozen craters back onto to firm ground.  Completely spent, you wring yourself out, the unfriendly humidity barely allowing you to dry.  
The breeze then whispers... and presents to you an undiscovered path,
Stearing you across rickety old bridges whose passages have left centuries of unrecorded, secret stories.  You tell yourself that this adventure and the ones before it, still breathing on the sighing bridge, are far from safe or sane.
 Yet in this strongest moment of doubt, life offers you her shelter and a stability you had never before met nor mastered.  
Hesitent feet and breathless spirit are literally floating in unchartered territory.  But in this moment lives a precious memory…
The brave little water nymph, the child warrior that had inhabited the first chapter, in the first book of your difficult, but extraordinary life,

realizes that these dangerous adventures are what have brought you back to your real self, 
the authentic self.
An awareness of the sweetest fulfillment, nestled within the quietest of blessings, serene in the rediscovery of buried treasure...
quietly you bathe in the protection of universal Peace.


  1. Yes, these stretching lessons, adventures allow us to meet the essence of who we are... Beautiful post Bergère.

    Did you get my email?

  2. Oh, thank you! Just last night I was brought to this place of peace through remembering an adventure of long ago. Just, in amazement, realized the fulfillment of intentions set when times were so troubled. Thank you.

  3. Fantastic post. Beautiful, photos, and great words. Have a good week Diane

  4. Gorgeous. A little dose of going back back back in time to the child's wonder in nature.

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