I have now learned that when my instincts speak, I listen... I wish I had learned to do this sooner.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Knight of Nights

Baigura, the great mountain watching over the flock.
  “You’re off to great places.  
Today is your day.  
Your mountain is waiting, 
   so get on your way.”  
                                      Dr. Seuss
...also watching over us from underneath the clouds.
This past summer a very dear friend of mine lost her very dear Aita (father).  His name was Manex (Manesh).  True, noble and authentic, the Knight of nights.

I had always aspired to meet a man much like him.  And I did.  When she finally met the Sheepfarmer, she told me, that yes, it was so...

Manex was sincerity in it’s purest form. He was made of humble self respect, and his oh, so quiet confidence would reflect on those around him, to bring peace within one’s self.  You left feeling better than when you arrived.  Really.
I do not  doubt that others have felt the same after being in his presence.  In his 86 years of life, he had truly honored each and every step that he had taken. Always.

I asked my dear, sweet friend if there was something I could do and made the offer of returning her Aita's cremated remains, this November upon our return, to his beloved Basque Country…his Lur Ama, Motherland.  She did not hesitate for a moment and told me how she had always imagined releasing his ashes to the winds of Baigura, the mountain which shelters his village, also.  The mountain who shared his childhood and of which he spoke so fondly.  

So when I return, it will be my honor to take the footpath up to the summit of Baigura, accompanied by the Sheepfarmer, and return Manex to his Lur Ama. To forever breathe in her winds…

And now, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I look upon our quiet, beautiful, and peaceful Baigura, I think of him, Manex, and aspire to be more like him: 
honest, kind and admirable…

It is, for me, the very definition of success in one’s life.  


  1. Replies
    1. Step by step, with honor, integrity, and with humbled pridetrue to yourself. :) .

  2. Touching post and so green the grass !

    1. It is usually that way oretty much year round, an unrolled carpet of green velvet :)

  3. Very sweet post! You will be providing comfort and peace for your friend.

    1. Thank you. She is just like her Aita, always took and takes the high road.

  4. Thank you. Yes, how do we get there? By being committed to bringing light into our world is part of the path--so many other commitments to be discovered. Thank you for spreading this man's light.
    xoxoxo Mary

    1. It is literally step by step, with honor and integrity :)

  5. Those landscapes are incredible....
    Sorry for your friends aita....reminds me a lot to my grandfather...those kind of basque country men.

    1. It is true, the kind, quiet men so full of wisdom. Thank you for stopping by :)